The goal of this Wiki is to detail the history and users of, an unofficial WWE fan forum. There are many stories and bits of information that have been compiled since the site's inception on June 1st, 2001, and this site will attempt to track them

WWE-Club Stories and LegendsEdit

This section of the wiki will outline some of the great stories that have become the stuff of internet legend. Each story will be granted its own page. Please keep stories as accurate as possible, and correct misinformation as you see it.

WWE-Club UsersEdit

The WWE-Club Users section of the wiki is designed to give a place to detail the history of individual users of WWE-Club. Please keep all information as accurate as possible and refrain from using it as an outlet for personal attacks.

There is also a WWE-Club Moderators page, where you can learn a complete (or as complete as possible) history of WWE-Club moderators.

You can also browse the Banned Users page, which details who has been banned from WWE-Club and for what reason.

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